Ghassan Moazzin


      PhD, University of Cambridge
      Assistant Professor
      Hong Kong Institute for the Humanities and Social Sciences


      Ghassan Moazzin is Assistant Professor at the Hong Kong Institute for the Humanities and Social Sciences and the Department of History. He was educated at the University of Cambridge, where he received both his B.A. (2012) and Ph.D. (2017). Before coming to Hong Kong, he was a JSPS International Research Fellow at the Graduate School of Economics of the University of Tokyo. He has also been a visiting scholar at East China Normal University in Shanghai and the Institute of Modern History at Academia Sinica in Taipei. His doctoral dissertation won both the Coleman Prize of the Association of Business Historians and the Herman E. Krooss Prize of the Business History Conference. It was also a finalist for the Dissertation Prize (Category: The Long 19th Century) of the World Economic History Congress 2018.

      Moazzin’s research deals with the economic and business history of modern China and the global history of capitalism. His current research project uses a wide range of primary sources in Chinese, Japanese, English and German to explore the history of foreign banks, international finance and economic globalisation in late 19th and early 20th century China. His research has been published in Cross-Currents and Modern Asian Studies. His first monograph, Foreign Banks and Global Finance in Modern China: Banking on the Chinese Frontier, 1870 – 1919, is forthcoming with Cambridge University Press.


      Address: Room 110, May Hall, The University of Hong Kong
      Tel: (852) 3917-8110
      Fax: (852) 2559-6143

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      Selected Publications

      Journal Articles

      “Investing in the New Republic: Multinational Banks, Political Risk, and the Chinese Revolution of 1911.” Business History Review 94, No. 3 (2020), pp. 507-534.

      “Sino-Foreign Business Networks: Foreign and Chinese Banks in the Chinese Banking Sector, 1890 – 1911.” Modern Asian Studies 54, No. 3 (2020), pp. 970-1004.

      “Networks of Capital: German Bankers and the Financial Internationalisation of China (1885 – 1919).” Enterprise & Society 20, No. 4 (2019), pp.796-808.

      “From Globalization to Liquidation: The Deutsch-Asiatische Bank and the First World War in China.”  Cross-Currents: East Asian History and Culture Review 4, No. 2 (2015), pp. 601-629. (Open Access Version available here).


      With Li Wenjie, “Dehua yinhang niandu baogao (1897 – 1902)” (Chinese Translation of the Annual Reports of the Deutsch-Asiatische Bank (1897 – 1902)), Jindaishi ziliao (Sources in Modern Chinese History) 137 (2018), pp. 87-117.


      HIST2096 The History of European Business in China

      HIST2176 Doing Business in Modern China, 1800 – 1949

      HIST2177 The Economic History of Modern China, 1800 to the Present

      IHSS6001 Research Seminar on East Asian Culture

      Student Supervision at HKIHSS

      Zhang Junfeng, MPhil student, HKIHSS, 2021 –