Research Projects

Rituals and Manuscripts of the Lanten Yao (Yao Mun)

(Funded under General Research Fund Scheme 2021 – 2022 Exercise, Research Grants Council, Hong Kong)

Principal Investigator

David A. Palmer, Professor, Hong Kong Institute for the Humanities and Social Sciences and Department of Sociology

Total Fund Awarded

HKD 776,709

Project Duration

36 months

Project Description

The project will complete the systematic classification, selection, and cross-referencing of a “living corpus” of texts drawn from a collection of 2120 digitized manuscripts of the Lanten Yao (Yao Mun) ethnic group of Laos, previously collected and catalogued by members of the research team for the British Library Endangered Manuscripts Programme. The team will also create an online digital repository of digitized Yao manuscripts collected in Vietnam in 2007-2011 as part of the “Yao Script Project” led by a team member.