Multinationals and the Global Economy
Semester 2, 2023-24

Course Description

What are the drivers of globalization? When you read this question, you will most likely think of major nation-states such as China or the United States, international organizations such as the United Nations, and technological innovations, such as the internet or the airplane. However, there is another important driver that fuels globalization: multinational companies. These are companies that do business in multiple countries and move, manufacture and market capital, commodities and services across borders, often owning assets and employing people throughout the world. Multinational companies are major pillars of the global economy, but at the same time shape our daily lives locally. In this course, you will explore how these multinational companies operate across the world and influence globalization. We will discuss the positive and negative effects the ever-growing presence of multinationals have on our lives, not only economically, but also in terms of the larger impact multinationals have on local cultures.