Xing Linzhou

      XING LINZHOU 邢麟舟

      MPhil Student (Admitted in 2017 – 2018)
      Field area: Science and Technology Studies


      G10, May Hall, The University of Hong Kong
      Tel: (852) 3917-8131

      Sharing & Experiences

      Having gained my bachelor degree on accounting and finance in HKU and a master degree on social science in HKUST, I started to be in the Institute in the year 2017. In the institute, with the intensive teaching, guidance and supervision from my two supervisors, tons of academic lectures held and frequent communication with scholars from different disciplines all over the world, I find the institute a wonderful place for conducting interdisciplinary studies and research, especially for me as a non-traditional humanity and social sciences student.

      Research Interests

      Science and technology studies, Anthropology and sociology of technology, innovation studies, information and communication technology, everyday technology.

      Thesis Project

      Technology Choice of Taxi Drivers under E-hailing: Conventional Occupation Group vs. Post-Fordism Business Organization and Notion

      My project is an ethnographic research focusing on the experiences of Mainland Chinese taxi drivers with e-hailing (ride-sharing) technology and business. I’m interested in making sense of the impact of e-hailing technologies on the taxi industry in Mainland China, and how licensed professional taxi drivers are engaging with the dynamics of digital automation promoted by e-hailing companies like Didi Chuxing.

      More importantly, I will analyze how licensed taxi drivers’ choices and justifications are related to their engagement or resistance to the promotions of e-hailing, which include notions of ownership, control, independence, equality, automation, mobility, flexibility, etc. Conventional views on the impact of e-hailing draw on a narrative of automation based on an opposition between machine and human, market and people. However, in this research, we will show that the business trend and technology of automation here is more of the “blasting fuse” of the tension between declining professional identity of conventional group and the popular social trend related to on-demand labor and post-Fordism.

      Thesis Supervisors

      Primary supervisor: Dr. Gonçalo D. Santos

      Co-supervisor: Professor Naubahar Sharif

      Awards & Achievements

      Dean’s Award for HKUST Master of Art in Social Science Program