Hu Senhao

      PhD Student (Admitted in 2023 – 2024)
      Field Area: Economic History



      Hu Senhao is a PhD student in the Hong Kong Institute for the Humanities and Social
      Sciences (HKIHSS) at The University of Hong Kong. Prior to entering the PhD program, he
      obtained a Bachelor of Business Administration (in Cultural Industries Management) from
      Shanghai Jiao Tong University (2015-2019), a Master of Arts (in Chinese Studies) from the
      Chinese University of Hong Kong (2019-2020), and a Master of Philosophy (in History) from
      Hong Kong Lingnan University (2020-2022). Before joining HKIHSS, Senhao worked as a
      full-time research assistant at the Business School, HKU (2022-2023).

      His master's thesis, entitled "The Reconstruction of State Governance in North China during
      the Yuan and Ming Dynasties: Garrisons' Land, Grain Transportation, and Horse Raising," is
      a case study of the Daming prefecture. In this study, he identifies the role of military
      mobilization in the economic, political, and cultural aspects of Song-Yuan-Ming China.
      Senhao is quantifying these three themes and is also extending the time period to early
      historic China.

      Room 206, May Hall, The University of Hong Kong
      Tel: (852) 3917 1918


      Senhao, an economic historian, has a keen interest in understanding the impact of military
      mobilization on the development trajectory of historic China. He has conducted extensive
      research using both qualitative and quantitative methods to examine how policies regarding
      garrison land and horse-raising during the Yuan-Ming periods were formulated, implemented,
      and influenced population growth and commercial prosperity.

      In the realm of transportation, Senhao has delved into the effects of canal construction on
      regional development in historic China. By combining archaeological findings with historical
      data, he has explored how the construction of canals, primarily intended to supply the frontier
      and capitals, influenced various aspects of regional development.

      Furthermore, Senhao is collaborating with Professor Zhiwu Chen to investigate how wars and
      military mobilizations have shaped the development of Chinese civilization and states. Their
      research aims to shed light on the intricate relationship between military conflicts and broader
      societal and economic developments in Chinese history.


      Economic history, development economics


      Primary supervisor: Professor Zhiwu Chen

      Co-supervisor:: Professor Ghassan Moazzin