PhD Student (Admitted in 2023-2024)
      Field Area: Economic History


      Meiqi Ding is a PhD student in the Hong Kong Institute for the Humanities and Social Sciences (HKIHSS) at The University of Hong Kong. Prior to entering the PhD project, she received her bachelor’s and master’s degree in Chinese ancient history at Zhejiang Normal University. Before joining in PhD project, Meiqi worked as a full-time research assistant at the HKIHSS (2023-2024).

      Her master's thesis, entitled "The Research on the convention of Qizheqian during Qing Dynasty" is a case study of Chinese traditional imaginary money system. In this study, she identifies the origin of Qizheqian and the development of imaginary money during Qing dynasty, which is regarded as an important proportion of Chinese copper coin money system. She also sheds lights on the multiplicity of copper coin in traditional market, and thus providing a new perspective to understand the currency divergence between account books and contracts in Qing dynasty.

      Tentatively, under the primary supervision of Professor Zhiwu Chen and co-supervision of Professor Ghassan Moazzin, Meiqi will continue her research on the development of traditional financial market and money system in the Qing dynasty for her PhD project.


      Room 206, May Hall, The University of Hong Kong
      Tel: (852) 3917 1918


      Meiqi, an economic historian, has a keen interest in understanding the Chinese traditional financial market. Before joining in PhD project, she has rich experience of field research, which created opportunities for her to understand Chinese traditional society through primitive records, including account books, ancient contracts and numerous genealogies. It was those experience to illuminate her to understand the logic of Chinese traditional financial market and money system. During the period of being a research assistant in IHSS, Meiqi helped training AI model to collect data from Chinese ancient genealogies and epitaphs, which made her realized the strength of model in traditional history research and data collection. With this work experience, Meiqi also has interests in traditional marriage development during Ming and Qing dynasties.


      Economic history, Monetary history

      Thesis Supervisors

      Primary supervisor: Professor Zhiwu Chen

      Co-supervisor: Professor Ghassan Moazzin