Research Projects

Technology, Charitable Benefaction, and Humanitarian Aid in Contemporary China

(Funded under General Research Fund Scheme 2014 – 15 Exercise, Research Grants Council, Hong Kong)

Principal Investigator

Gonçalo D. Santos, Assistant Professor, Hong Kong Institute for the Humanities and Social Sciences
(Remarks: Dr. Gonçalo D. Santos left the University’s service from October 3, 2019.)

Total Fund Awarded

HKD 414,340

Project Duration

24 months

Project Description

This project will explore the rise of humanitarianism in 21st century China as a late capitalist technology of ethical imagination. The approach adopted will be ethnographic. Research will focus on the activities of two major non‐governmental organizations including a leading online charity platform and an international service club operating in the region of South China. Particular attention will be given to the relationship between ethical subjectivities, technological infrastructures, and political economy. Theoretically, the project joins recent efforts in the humanities and social sciences to emphasize the increasing importance of ethical regimes of charitable giving in the formation of contemporary subjects and in the legitimation of mounting social inequalities.