Research Projects

Old Neighbourhoods, New Spaces: Urban Reconstruction and Governance in China’s Urbanization

(Funded under General Research Fund Scheme 2016 – 17 Exercise, Research Grants Council, Hong Kong)

Principal Investigator

Zhang Jun, Research Assistant Professor, Hong Kong Institute for the Humanities and Social Sciences
(Remarks: Dr. Zhang Jun left the University’s service from January 20, 2018.)

Total Fund Awarded

HKD 611,180

Project Duration

24 months

Project Description

This project will focus on three different case studies of old neighborhood reconstruction in Guangzhou at three critical moments of the process of China’s urbanization since the early twentieth century. It aims at adding significant historical complexity to conventional accounts of post-Mao processes of urbanization, while challenging master narratives of urban transformation that give too much agency to state actors. The project will make an important contribution to recent debates on infrastructure, power, and governance in the fields of urban studies, anthropology, post-colonial studies, and STS, adding a much-needed non-Western perspective into what remains a largely Western-centric research agenda.