Research Projects

Intimate Modernities. Love, Money, and Everyday Ethics in the Hills of Guangdong, 1976 – 2014

(Funded under Seed Funding Programme for Basic Research, The University of Hong Kong)

Principal Investigator

Gonçalo D. Santos, Assistant Professor, Hong Kong Institute for the Humanities and Social Sciences
(Remarks: Dr. Gonçalo D. Santos left the University’s service from October 3, 2019.)

Total Fund Awarded

HKD 35,400

Project Duration

January 2015 – June 2016

Project Description

This project is about what I call intimate modernities; or rather, the construction of intimate modernities in contemporary settings. Dominant theories of modernity, including recent theorizations of multiple modernities, tend to focus on changes in broader political, social, and economic structures and processes, relegating the sphere of intimate relations and community ties to a subordinate position (McKinnon and Cannell, Godelier, Carsten). In this project, I argue that these visions of modernity are based on a series of dualistic private/public, passion/reason, community/society, human/machine oppositions that were largely inherited from earlier 19th century evolutionist narratives and mid-20th century theories of modernization.