Research Projects

Documenting the Oral History of Overseas Chinese in Cuba

Principal Investigator

Louie Kin Sheun, Honorary Research Associate, Hong Kong Institute for the Humanities and Social Sciences

Project Duration

October 2012 – July 2014

Project Description

The project is funded by Lee Hysan Foundation and supported by the Institute. It aims at preserving the memory and history of the Chinese community in Cuba and producing a comprehensive data bank capable of revealing various aspects of early Chinese immigration overseas; publishing a book to propagate the information collected and stimulate further research; making available a data bank for researchers and students working on the history of overseas Chinese and enriching the existing literature on oral history and Chinese immigration. Dr. Louie will prepare and undertake a one-month field study in Cuba. The field-study consists of mainly but not exclusively face-to-face interview with the some 200 overseas Chinese who have remained in Cuba after the 1959 revolution of the latter. Relevant documents and materials will be collected as much as possible to collate and deposit as a data bank at the Institute.