YING TUNG Fung 馮映彤

      Research Assistant Professor in Early Chinese History and Archaeology


      Before joining HKU, Ying Tung Fung was an ERC-funded postdoctoral fellow at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She received her DPhil in archaeology from the University of Oxford. Her research focuses on Chinese archaeology, particularly prehistoric and early China. Her doctoral research centres on the late Neolithic fortification of Shimao and the broader region of the North Loess Plateau. A paper that summarises her doctoral research won the Best Student Paper Award at the Society for East Asian Archaeology Conference. The thesis has also been shortlisted for the Best Doctoral Thesis Prize 2023 by the British Association for Chinese Studies.

      Ying Tung’s research interests include the paradigm and developmental trajectory of early China, urbanism, theoretical issues and application, chronological modelling, socio-economic practices and systems, animal economy, climate and environmental changes, human-animal-environment relationships, spatiotemporal changes, and long-distance contacts and transmission of ideas. One of her current projects explores the processing and consumption of animals and the spatiotemporal changes in the animal economy across early China. Another project involves developing theoretical and conceptual applications and a reinterpretation of the paradigm of early China. She is also currently converting her doctoral thesis into a monograph.

      Room 213, May Hall, The University of Hong Kong
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