Martin Tse

      Tse Man Him Martin 謝孟謙

      PhD student (Admitted in 2021 – 2022)
      Field Area: Asian religion, spirituality and society


      Tse Man Him Martin is a PhD student (starting in Jan. 2022) at the Asian Religious Connections research cluster of the Institute, awarded as HKU Presidential PhD Scholar, under the supervision of Prof. David A. Palmer. He has been working with Prof. Palmer as Research Assistant, Assistant Lecturer and MPhil student in the HKIHSS since 2014 and is currently writing a book together with him on a Daoist/Buddhist ritual tradition in Yingde, northern Guangdong, China. His PhD research is an ethnographic and textual study of the Daoist ordination rituals among the Lanten Yao in Laos, which attempts to reveal the articulation of the relationship between the Chinese core and ethnic periphery formulated by the Lanten Yao people in their rituals and religious texts. Taking up the research initiative set out by the team, Martin has been coordinating the textual research tasks and is developing a new research approach of “textual anthropology” to unpack the social structures embedded in the Lanten Yao texts (for more information about the research of Yao Dao Project, please see


      Room 112, May Hall, The University of Hong Kong
      Tel: (852) 3917-8112
      Fax: (852) 2559-6143

      Thesis Project

      Imperial Centre, Ethnic Periphery: An ethnographic and textual study of the Daoist ordination rituals among the Lanten Yao in Laos


      With David A. Palmer. Civil Buddhism, Martial Daoism: Text and Drama in the Jiao Festivals of the Guangdong Village of Xicun. 宗樹人、謝孟謙合著:《文武佛道:廣東省英德市黃花鎮溪村的醮儀文本與劇作結構》 350 pp. + 300 pp of ritual manuscript reproductions, forthcoming.

      With David A. Palmer and Chip Colwell. “Guanyin’s Limbo: Icons as Demi-Persons and Dividuating Objects.” American Anthropologist. Published online on 23 Aug. 2019, DOI: 10.1111/aman.13317.

      “The Application of Daoist Ritual Framework among the Lanten Yao: ‘Attack on Hell’ as a case of textual analysis.” 藍靛瑤對道教儀式框架的應用—分析破獄儀式的文本 Submitted to and accepted by Studies of Chinese Religions 華人宗教研究, forthcoming.

      Thesis Supervisors

      Primary supervisor: Professor David A. Palmer

      Co-supervisor: Professor Li Ji