Lee Song Ah


      MPhil Student (Admitted in 2017 – 2018)
      Field Area: Anthropology


      G09, May Hall, The University of Hong Kong
      Tel: (852) 3917-2373

      Sharing & Experiences

      The numerous interdisciplinary seminars and workshops provide students a platform where we can encounter a diversity of scholars and discourses. It is definitely challenging, but at the same time it is also intellectually fulfilling. Every time I overcome a hurdle at the Institute, I can feel myself growing as an anthropologist and as a researcher. There is no doubt that my supervisors and the other teachers at the Institute are eager to see their students succeed. The relationships between the teachers and the students, and between students and other students, are based on a foundation of constructive criticisms and continuous encouragement. 

      Research Interests

      Reproductive health, motherhood, postpartum care, kinship relations, state policy, fertility, household decision-making

      Thesis Project

      Negotiations of Postpartum Care and Motherhood in Contemporary South Korea

      Thesis Supervisors

      Primary supervisor: Professor Angela Ki Che Leung

      Co-supervisor: Dr. Izumi Nakayama