NING RUNDONG 寧潤東

      Post-doctoral Fellow, Hong Kong Institute for the Humanities and Social Sciences


      Rundong Ning is a sociocultural anthropologist. His research interests include work, labor, entrepreneurship, volunteerism, finance, and STS. His dissertation is about entrepreneurship and the transformation of work in Congo-Brazzaville. He has also done research about volunteerism in China.

      Room 122, May Hall, The University of Hong Kong
      Tel: (852) 3917-8374
      Fax: (852) 2559-6143

      List of Publications

      Ning, Rundong. 2023. “Patch-Work: The Economic and Moral Complementarity of Informal Entrepreneurs' Multiple Projects in Congo-Brazzaville.” Economic Anthropology 10 (1): 90–9.

      Ning, Rundong. 2022. “Bureaucratic Valves: Paperwork as a Contested Tool in the International Transfer of the Franc CFA in Congo-Brazzaville.Africa 92 (4): 581-601.

      Ning, Rundong, and David A. Palmer. 2020. “Ethics of the Heart: Moral Breakdown and the Aporia of Chinese Volunteers.Current Anthropology 61 (4): 395-417.

      Palmer, David A., and Rundong Ning. 2020. “The Resurrection of Lei Feng: Rebuilding the Chinese Party-State’s Infrastructure of Volunteer Mobilization.” In Ruling by Other Means: State-mobilized Social Movements, edited by Elizabeth Perry, Gzegorz Eckiert, and Xiaojun Yan, 314-44. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

      Other academic publications

      宁润东 [Ning, Rundong]. 2020. “殖民主义与学术研究的复杂关系——评两本非洲学术史专著.” [Complex Relationships between Colonialism and Scientific Research: A Review of Two Monographs on the History of Scientific Research in Africa].《中国非洲研究评论》[Annual Review of African Studies in China] 8: 133-45. [in Chinese].

      宁润东 [Ning, Rundong]. 2018. “好个体,坏社会?在非华人对非洲认知的两面性——以孔子学院志愿者为例.” [Good Individual, Bad Society? The Two-sidedness of the Understanding of Africa of Chinese People in Africa: A Case Study of Confucius Institute Volunteers].《中国非洲研究评论》[Annual Review of African Studies in China] 7: 182-96. [in Chinese].

      Ongoing Projects

      Rundong Ning has two main ongoing projects. One is a new project exploring the influence of China in Kenya’s digital sector. The other is a book project, based on his dissertation, on entrepreneurship and the transformation of work in Congo-Brazzaville.