Tian Jingyi

      TIAN JINGYI 田靜怡

      MPhil Student (Admitted in 2016 – 2017)
      Field Area: Anthropology


      G08, May Hall, The University of Hong Kong
      Tel: (852) 3917-5908

      Sharing & Experiences

      The institute offers excellent platform for multi-disciplinary research. Public lectures and seminars broadened my horizon in humanity and research. Scholars working and visiting this institute impressed me with their incredible academic capacity and intelligence. As the department is not large, I receive timely feedback and support from my supervisor and mentors whenever I am in need. The institute provides funding for me to attend seminars and research activities to expand my scope in academia. Studying in HKIHSS is a fruitful experience.

      Research Interests

      Globalization, sport, body culture, identity, habitus, social class

      Thesis Project

      Redefining “Self” through Martial Arts — Ethic, Moral Bodies and Social Status in Transnational Kendo Networks in Hong Kong.


      This case study aims to provide a different account of globalization of sport. Through 12-month-ethnography, this research examines the nuance of the ways that bodily practices are organized by cultural schema, symbols and rituals. And the project will present dynamic sport process in which bodies and ethics mutually produce and reproduce each other. Drawing on a mixture of ethnographic and historical methodologies, my research will situate kendo practices in the context of broader social, cultural, and economic processes shaping the lives of kendo practitioners and their aspirations in global bourgeois landscape.

      Thesis Supervisors

      Primary supervisor: Dr. Gonçalo D. Santos

      Co-supervisor: Dr. Izumi Nakayama

      Awards & Achievements

      Murakami Fuminobu Memorial Prize. 2014. (School of Modern Languages and Cultures, the University of Hong Kong)