Wu Jinglian

      WU JINGLIAN 吳敬璉

      Sin Wai-Kin Distinguished Visiting Professor in the Humanities (Mar 2012), Hong Kong Institute for the Humanities and Social Sciences, The University of Hong Kong
      Senior Research Fellow, Development Research Centre, State Council of the PRC Baosteel Chair Professor of Economics, China Europe International Business School


      Professor Wu held an inaugural lecture of the Sin Wai-Kin Distinguished Visiting Professorship in Humanities on “Comprehensive Plan & Top-Level Design for China’s Reforms”, with Professors Lawrence Lau and He Weifang as panelists, and Professor Richard Y.C. Wong as moderator. He also exchanged with postgraduate students on the topic of “中國經濟取得的成績和面臨的挑戰” during his visit.