Completed Projects


      Core members

      • Angela Ki Che Leung (HKIHSS, The University of Hong Kong)
      • David Faure (History, The Chinese University of Hong Kong)
      • Rajeswary Brown (Royal Holloway College, University of London)
      Main Theme

      Much can be learned about communal organization by studying indigenous charities. Chinese communal leaders have historically been involved in the provision of charitable services, beginning with medical and funeral services and education. Closely connected with these activities are the self-perceptions of the leadership, the perpetuation of its ideals and the acceptance of its institutional role by the community it serves. Not least, the corporate holding of communal property and the need to raise funds raise questions of accountability. These issues will be of interest to scholars and practitioners alike.



      2013 Rajeswary A. Brown & Justin Pierce (eds.), Charities in the Non-Western World: the Development & Regulation of Indigenous and Islamic Charities, Routledge.

      Events and Activities

      • Conferences

      International Conference on “Philanthropy, the State and Globalisation” (December 2012) (Details)

      International Conference on “Charities and Legitimacy of Organisation, Law, Accountability, and Transparency” (December 2011) (Details)

      International Conference on “Medical Charities in Asia and the Middle East” (December 2010) (Details)