Contemporary Chinese Documentary Series: Meet the Director

To Live for Food (食為天)

Asia/Hong_KongTo Live for Food (食為天)
    Asia/Hong_KongTo Live for Food (食為天)


      To Live for Food (食為天)


      October 20, 2016


      Lecture Hall, G/F, May Hall, The University of Hong Kong (Map)


      4:00 pmReception
      4:30 pmFilm screening
      5:30 pmDiscussion with Director Ming Shang


      Film screening: Putonghua dialogue, Chinese & English subtitles
      Discussion: Putonghua & English


      (Tel) (852) 3917-5772

      About the Film

      It's a story about a diplomat-turned farmer Ms. Zhang who's leading a one-woman crusade to implement her philosophy of sustainable farming. She’s transformed a chemical-polluted area into an organic farmland, and supported it by selling the land produce to city consumers. Will her initiative become sustainable and provide a possible solution for other heavily pesticide-and-fertilizer-polluted farmlands in China? Following her story, the film explores the endangered Chinese food system, and observes the dilemma in land use and food consumption. It also reflects on the low social status and low economic income of Chinese farmers. Will the sustainable farming be the hope of change for them too?


      About the director

      商明擁有十六年的電視新聞及紀錄片的從業經驗。他在國內外眾多的電視臺和電影公司工作過。其中有France 24, Channel 4, Arte, CCTV,東方衛視和旅遊衛視。他製作過各類節目,如新聞報導,紀錄短片和人物傳記片。

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