Contemporary Chinese Documentary Series: Meet the Director

Planting for Life (種植人生)

Asia/Hong_KongPlanting for Life (種植人生)
    Asia/Hong_KongPlanting for Life (種植人生)


      Planting for Life (種植人生)


      September 22, 2016


      Lecture Hall, G/F, May Hall, The University of Hong Kong (Map)


      4:00 pmReception
      4:30 pmFilm screening
      5:30 pmDiscussion with Director Xiaogang Gu


      Film screening: Putonghua dialogue, Chinese & English subtitles
      Discussion: Putonghua & English


      (Tel) (852) 3917-5772

      About the Film

      This film is about a young man who abandoned metropolitan life in persuit of safe food, natural farming, and true nature of love and life. Old Jia was a white-collar worker in Shanghai who gave up his city life and returned to live on the idyllic Chongming Island. He contracted more than 200 acres of land, adopting “natural farming” techniques to grow crops without using any chemical pesticides or fertilizers. His wife Li Zi, persuaded by the cause, followed him to begin a new life surrounded by nature. His attitude and philosophy attracted a big group of admirers from the city, whereas local villagers found his approaches disagreeable. When Old Jia finally left and looked back this part of his life, he saw the germination of seeds, the birth of new life, the harvest of crops, and the betrayal of love.


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