The year 2015 marks 1380 years since the introduction of Jing Jiao (Nestorianism) to China. It will also be the golden jubilee of the late Professor Hsiang-lin Lo’s (Department of Chinese, The University of Hong Kong) publication Nestorianism in the T’ang and Yuen Dynasties. On this occasion, the Hong Kong Institute for the Humanities and Social Sciences, together with the School of Chinese of The University of Hong Kong and the Divinity School of Chung Chi College, will be hosting an international conference on the Nestorian faith in Tang and Yuen dynasties as well as its religious and cultural influences in East Asia. In conjunction with the conference, an exhibition of The University of Hong Kong’s F.A. Nixon Collection of Nestorian Crosses will be held for the first time ever. Housed in the University Museum and Art Gallery, it is the largest known collection of Yuan dynasty Nestorian Bronze Crosses in the world with over 900 pieces in all.

Exploring Jing Jiao through five different themes – Artistic, Scientific, Religious Influence, Linguistic and Textual - the conference will engage researchers and scholars from a variety of disciplines, and aims to further interest in the research of Nestorianism and Nestorian Crosses.

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