Coursework Requirement

      Students are required to complete the core component designed by the Graduate School. Please visit the Graduate School’s website on Coursework Requirement for details. In addition to the required courses of Graduate School, students are required to pass at least 50% of the following coursework requirements within the probationary period:

      • Compulsory courses: Research Seminar on East Asian Culture (IHSS 6001) and Direct Reading on East Asian Culture (IHSS 6002).
      • Elective courses: Subject to supervisor’s approval, students are required to complete TWO courses either from the Institute or other schools/faculties which coincides with the student’s own research areas and disciplines.
      Language Requirement

      Native speakers of languages other than Chinese should acquire reading and speaking proficiency in at least one of the following languages: Mandarin, Korean, Japanese, Cantonese, or other languages necessary for research, upon approval by supervisor(s).

      Native speakers of Chinese should become proficient in a third language (classical or modern) as required by supervisor(s).

      Non-native speakers of target Asian languages may present certificate or proof of language proficiency through standardized examination [Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK), Center for Applied Linguistics Chinese (CAL) proficiency examination, Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT), etc.] at the time of matriculation. If no standardized testing has been taken, the student must discuss the projected course of language study in the first year with the supervisor(s). Competitive scholarships for language study abroad may be available at the Institute. The supervisor(s) will test the student to see if s/he has attained the necessary proficiency.

      Other Requirements

      Students are also required to participate in the Institute’s academic activities such as lunchtime lecture series, workshops and seminars during the normative study period.

      Students are required by the Faculty of Social Sciences to present a paper in a Research Postgraduate Conference at least once during their study period.

      Thesis Submission & Oral Examination

      With approval from the supervisor(s), student may submit his or her thesis for examination. S/he is required to pass an oral examination to meet the graduation requirement. Please refer to the Graduate School Handbook for details. Information could also be obtained from the Graduate School’s website - Thesis Submission.

      Key Dates & More

      Please be reminded of important key dates and university regulations: