HKU Presidential PHD Scholarship (HKU-PS)

      HKU has launched this new scheme to offer the most prestigious package to selected outstanding full-time PhD students admitted to HKU. Each President’s Scholar will receive a package of up to around HK$404,000 (US$51,000) in the first year, and up to around HK$384,000 (US$49,000) in each of the subsequent years during the normative study period.

      The package includes:
      (a) Cash Award to support research and living expenses:
                HK$40,000 in Year 1; HK$20,000 per year in the remaining normative study period
      (b) Waiver of composition fees for the whole normative study period (i.e. HK$42,100 per year)
      (c) Postgraduate Scholarship of $25,800 per month
      (d) Conference and Research-related Travel Allowance of HK$12,900 per year
      (e) a guaranteed hall place in Year 1, with possibility of renewal in Year 2

      Hong Kong PhD Fellowship (HKPF) Scheme

      The HKPF provides financial subsidies for brightest students across the world to pursue doctoral studies in Hong Kong. Each awardee will receive a monthly scholarship of HK$25,800 (US$3,300) and a conference and research related travel allowance of HK$12,900 (US$1,650) per year for up to three years. For HKPF awardees who are admitted to a 4-year PhD programme in 2020 – 21, HKU will provide a monthly scholarship and travel allowance at the same level as the HKPF for their fourth year of study.

      Postgraduate Scholarships (PGS)

      Full-time MPhil and PhD students who hold a first degree with second-class honours first division (or equivalent) or above are considered eligible to receive a Postgraduate Scholarship during the normative study period. Candidates’ results in Master’s degrees may also be considered. The basic level of PGS is HK$17,330 per month for 2020 – 21 (subject to revision).

      Scholarships & Financial Support for Conference Attendance/Travel

      The University administers a number of scholarships that are awarded to postgraduate students for outstanding achievements. MPhil and PhD students are also eligible for financial support for conference attendance and/or travel.

      HKIHSS Financial Support for Conference Attendance/Travel

      The Institute offers financial support to students for their conference attendance and research trips.