Liu Xiaomeng

        LIU XIAOMENG 劉小朦

        Post-doctoral Fellow, Hong Kong Institute for the Humanities and Social Sciences


        Dr. Liu Xiaomeng is a Post-doctoral Fellow at the Hong Kong Institute for the Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Hong Kong. He is affiliated with the “Science, Technology, and Medicine in Asian Societies” research cluster and involved in the “Making Modernities in East Asia: Technologies of Everyday Life, 19th-21st Centuries” project.

        Dr. Liu obtained his B.A and M.A in history from the School of History, Nankai University, China and a PhD degree at the HKIHSS, The University of Hong Kong. He was a visiting scholar at the Center for Science and Society, Columbia University in 2017. His study focuses on the flow of materials, practices and knowledge among different cultural traditions. He is currently working on his first book manuscript on the medicinal marketplaces, interregional trade, and herbal knowledge in 19th-20th centuries China. He is also broadly interested in the history of science and technology and studies on material culture.


        Room G07, May Hall, The University of Hong Kong
        Tel: (852) 3917-5907
        Fax: (852) 2559-6143

        Selected Publications

        Collecting Cures in an Artisanal Manuscript: Practical Therapeutics and Disease in Ms. Fr. 640” in Secrets of Craft and Nature in Renaissance France: A Digital Critical Edition and English Translation of BnF Ms. Fr. 640, edited by Pamela H. Smith et al.

        “Smoke and Silkworms: Itineraries of Material Complexes across Eurasia,” (co-authored with Pamela H. Smith, Joslyn DeVinney and Sasha Grafit) in Entangled Itineraries: Materials, Practices, and Knowledges across Eurasia, edited by Pamela H. Smith, 165-181. Pittsburgh: The University of Pittsburg Press, 2019.

        《書籍刊刻與醫學傳承:李杲學說在元代及明初的流布》,《華中師範大學學報(人文社會科學版)》2018年第3期,頁127-139. (“Legacies of a medical master: books, professional network, and the spread of Li Gao’s Medical Doctrine from the 12th to 14th centuries.” Journal of Central China Normal University, no. 3 (2018): 128-138)

        《皇明異典:明中期傳奉醫官的身分、遷轉與政治文化》,《歷史研究》2017年第3期,頁40-56. (“Reassignments, identity, and political culture: Medical Officials in Middle Ming Court,” Historical Research, no. 3 (2017): 40-56)

        《醫與文,仕與隱:明初吳中醫者之形象與社會網絡》,《新史學》(臺北) 第26卷第1期,頁1-57. (“Confucian Identity and Social Interaction: Physicians in Early Ming Suzhou,” New History, 26 (2015): 1-57)