An Wei

        AN WEI 安蔚

        PhD, religion and spirituality in contemporary Chinese literature
        Senior Research Assistant, Hong Kong Institute of the Humanities and Social Sciences


        An Wei is Senior Research Assistant in the “Asian Religious Connections” cluster at the Hong Kong Institute for the Humanities and Social Sciences (HKIHSS). She received her Ph.D in French contemporary literature from Peking University in July 2014. Her research interests include contemporary French and Chinese literature, narratology and rhetoric of modern fictions, postmodernism art thoughts. She is currently working on the interdisciplinary studies of popular religion in contemporary Chinese literature and the spirituality in contemporary overseas Chinese literature. She is also working on the cataloguing and analysis of the Lanten Yao texts collected in Laos in the YAODAO project of the Asian Religious Connections cluster of the HKIHSS.


        Room 122, May Hall, The University of Hong Kong
        Tel: (852) 3917-8374
        Fax: (852) 2559-6143

        Selected Publications


        2015 L’écriture romanesque de Jean Echenoz-entre continuité et discontinuité (Jean Echenoz’s Novel Writing: Between Continuity and Discontinuity), Northeast Normal University Press (in French).

        Journal Articles and Translations

        (Forthcoming) “In Search of a New Subject: Study on the Reincarnation Motif in Chinese Fictions of the New Era”.

        (Forthcoming) “Belief in Meaninglessness, Belief in Literature: Religious Imaginations in Chinese Contemporary Fictions”.

        2016 “The Evolution of the Art of Digression in Western Fictions”, in Cong Yuyan Wenxue dao Quyuguobie, Xinhua Publishing House.

        2014 Introduction au roman français au tournant du XXIe siècle (Introduction to the French Novels at the Turn of the 21st century), China Foreign Affairs University Press (in French).

        2013 “Jazz and Jean Echenoz’s Fiction Writing”, French Literature and Art, in European Literature Tribune, Vol.7, People’s Literature Publishing House.

        2012 “Jean Echenoz’s Geographic Narration, Journal of Qiqihar University (Column of Philosophy and Socials Sciences).

        2011 Zuowu nengyuan yu zibenzhuyi weiji (L’agroénergie, solution pour le climat ou Sortie de crise pour le capital?) by François Houtard, translated in collaboration with Huang Jueshu, Social Sciences Academic Press (French-Chinese). 

        2005 Zai Beijing zuihou de rizi (Derniers jours de Pékin), novel by Pierre Lodi, translated in collaboration with Liu Heping, Shandong Friendship Publishing House (French-Chinese).