Luis Fernando Bernardi Junqueira


      PhD Student (Admitted in 2018 – 2019)


      G07, May Hall, The University of Hong Kong
      Tel: (852) 3917-5907

      Sharing & Experiences

      I am honored and thrilled to join the vibrant academic community of HKIHSS. Prior to pursuing my PhD studies at HKU, I received a bachelor’s degree in History from the Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina (2009 – 2014, conducted in Portuguese), studied modern and classical Chinese at East China Normal University 華東師範大學 (Feb 2014 − Jul 2014) and Nanjing Normal University 南京師範大學 (Aug 2014 − Aug 2015), after which I completed a 3-year MPhil program at Fudan University 復旦大學 (Sep 2015 − July 2018) taught entirely in Mandarin. In November 2017, I became the first Westerner from Fudan to have ever received the nationally granted “Outstanding International Student Award” (中國政府優秀來華留學生獎學金), while in May 2018, I successfully defended my Master’s thesis (written in Chinese) being awarded the highest mark of “Excellent Thesis” (優秀論文).

      During my roughly 4-year stay in China, I traveled throughout the country gathering manuscripts, printed books, and artifacts related to folk and esoteric healing traditions from both public and private collections. Since 2015, I have been conducting extensive fieldwork in Mainland China and Hong Kong and gaining a precious tacit knowledge by learning different talismanic healing traditions directly from Chinese folk healers. Currently, I am preparing the publication of academic articles in Chinese, English, and Portuguese, while completing a Portuguese translation of the Huangdi neijing suwen 黃帝內經素問 and editing (with Bony B. Schachter) the first introductory book on Chinese studies written in Portuguese/Chinese to date. Thanks to its great faculty, generous funding opportunities, as well as proximity to mainland China, Macau, and Taiwan, HKIHSS is certainly one of the best places in the world to conduct serious academic research in the field of Chinese medical history.

      Research Interests

      Social and Cultural History of Late Imperial China

      History of Science, Technology and Medicine in China

      Chinese Esoteric Arts

      History of the Book

      Folk Healing Traditions

      Medical Humanities & Public History

      Chinese Paleography and Book Restoration

      Thesis Project

      Making Secret Medical Knowledge Public: The Publication and Circulation of Talismanic Healing Texts in China, 1750 – 1940

      Throughout Chinese history, “talismans” (fu 符), “spells” (zhou 呪) and “incantations” (jin 禁) have been some of the most important means of treating illness for the vast majority of the population. This popularity culminated with their promotion to the status of an official medical discipline from the Sui to the Qing dynasties (581 – 1644), after which they were permanently forsaken by the “Imperial Medical Office” (taiyiyuan 太醫院). However, despite their subsequent lack of official support, talismanic healing still continued to enjoy an enormous acceptance and far-reaching dissemination throughout the Chinese society up till the first half of the 20th century. This can be attested by the publication of a large number of printed books on talismanic healing and a dynamic economy revolving around these practices. Based on a wide variety of hitherto unexplored sources, I will examine the impact that these printed books had on the everyday practice of talismanic healing, as they made secret medical knowledge public. I will focus on the period between 1750 and 1940, which was when most of the extant talismanic healing books were produced. Analyzing them as text and material objects, I will investigate the context in which they were created and to what extent their advent changed the means of use, learning, and transmission of talismanic healing practices in China.

      Thesis Supervisors

      Primary supervisor: Professor Angela Ki Che Leung

      Co-supervisor: Dr. Izumi Nakayama

      Awards & Achievements

      March 2018. Jessie Ho Memorial Postgraduate Fellowship (何馮月燕紀念研究生獎學金) (The University of Hong Kong): HKD 70,000.

      March 2018 − July 2022. Postgraduate Scholarship (The University of Hong Kong): c.HKD 820,000.

      November 2017. Outstanding International Student Award (中國政府優秀來華留學生獎學金) (Fudan University): CNY 30,000.

      September 2015 − July 2018: Full Chinese Government Scholarship (全額中國政府獎學金) (Master’s degree in Chinese History, Chinese taught-program, at Fudan University): CNY 210,600.

      July 2015. Certificate of Honor, Student of the Year (榮譽證書2014 – 2015學年優秀學生) (Nanjing Normal University).

      September 2014 − July 2015. Full Chinese Government Scholarship (全額中國政府獎學金) (Advanced and Classical Chinese at Nanjing Normal University): CNY 70,200.

      June 2014. Certificate of Honor, Student of the Semester (榮譽證書2013 – 2014學年第二學期優秀學生) (East China Normal University).

      July 2009 − May 2014. UFSC Full Studentship (Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil): c. R$ 35,100.

      Selected Publications


      Junqueira, Luis Fernando B. “The Ancient Art of Zhuyou, and the Process of Orthodoxization of Esoteric Healing Practices in China between the Sui and Song Dynasties, 589 – 1279.” Article in preparation.

      Junqueira, Luis Fernando B. “Popular Healing in Printed Medical Books: The Compilation and Publication of the Chuanya 串雅 from the Late Qing through the Republican Period.” Monumenta Serica 66, no. 2 (2018). In press.



      Junqueira, Luis Fernando B. “Lun mingqing xuezhe duiyu zhuyou zhi yuanliu 論明清學者對於祝由之源流 (The Origin of Talismanic Healing Practices in Records from the Ming and Qing Dynasties).” Article in preparation.



      Junqueira, Luis Fernando B., and Bony Braga Schachter. Introdução à História Cultural Chinesa: Métodos e Fontes (An Introduction to Chinese Cultural History: Sources and Approaches). Book in preparation.

      Junqueira, Luis Fernando B. Tradução Comentada do Clássico Interno do Imperador Amarelo: Questões Simples (An Annotated Translation of the Yellow’s Thearch Inner Cannon: Basic Questions). Book in preparation.

      Sigolo, Renata P., and Luis Fernando B. Junqueira. “Que Fazem os Historiadores no Jardim? Reflexões sobre História Pública e Plantas Medicinais.” (What Are Historians Doing in the Garden? Reflections on Public History and Medicinal Plants) Revista Estudos Históricos 31, no. 64 (2018). In press.

      Junqueira, Luis Fernando B. “O Uso de Plantas Medicinais na Medicina Chinesa Antiga (The Use of Medicinal Plants in Ancient Chinese Medicine).” In Plantas Medicinais e os Cuidados com a Saúde: Contando Várias Histórias (Medicinal Plants and Healthcare: Telling Various Stories), edited by Renata Palandri Sigolo, 54-75. Florianópolis: NUPPe, 2015.

      Badinelli, Isaac. F., and Luis Fernando B. Junqueira. “Usos e Circulação de Plantas Medicinais nas Navegações Portuguesas (The Circulation and Use of Medicinal Plants during the Portuguese Explorations Period).” In Plantas Medicinais e os Cuidados com a Saúde: Contando Várias Histórias, edited by Renata Palandri Sigolo, 160-78.

      Junqueira, Luis Fernando B., and Renata. P. Sigolo. “A União dos Opostos: A Teoria YĪNYÁNG 陰陽 no Livro de Medicina Chinesa HUÁNGDÌ NÈIJĪNG 黃帝內經 (The Union of Opposites: The Concept of Yin-Yang in the Huangdi neijing).” Mirabilia Medicinae 2, no. 1 (Autum 2014): 49-69.

      Junqueira, Luis Fernando B. “O Coração XĪN 心 como Mestre e Soberano do Corpo Humano no Livro de Medicina Chinesa HUÁNGDÌ NÈIJĪNG SÙWÈN 黃帝內經素問 (The Heart as the Master and Sovereign of the Human Body in the Huangdi neijing suwen).” Roda da Fortuna 3, no. 1 (2014): 10-26.

      Junqueira, Luis Fernando B., and Renata. P. Sigolo. “O Vazio do Coração XĪNXŪ 心虛: Interpretações sobre o Livro de Medicina Chinesa HUÁNGDÌ NÈIJĪNG LÍNGSHŪ 黃帝內經靈樞 (The Heart’s Emptiness: Interpretations on the Book of Chinese Medicine Huangdi neijing lingshu).” Mirabilia Medicinae 1, no. 2 (Spring 2013): 56-95.

      Badinelli, Isaac. F., and Luis Fernando B. Junqueira. “O Uso das Propagandas Farmacêuticas dos Séculos XIX e XX como Fontes para o Ensino de História: Um Relato de Experiência (Using Pharmaceutical Advertisements of the 19th and 20th Centuries as Sources for Teaching History).” EntreVer - Revista das Licenciaturas 2, no. 2 (2012): 20-32.


      Master’s Thesis (written in Chinese)

      林友樂 (Luis Fernando B. Junqueira)。《明清「祝由」之問題考釋》。復旦大學歷史系專門史碩士學位論文,2018,104頁。(“The Debates Around the Origin of Zhuyou Practices During the Ming and Qing Dynasties, 1368 – 1911.” Master’s thesis, Faculty of Specialized Chinese Studies, Department of History, Fudan University, 2018, 104 pp.)


      Bachelor’s Thesis (written in Portuguese)

      Junqueira, Luis Fernando B. “Os dois aspectos do Coração XĪN 心: Interpretações sobre o livro de medicina chinesa HUÁNGDÌ NÈIJĪNG SÙWÈN LÍNGSHŪ 黃帝內經素問靈樞.” (The Double Aspect of the Heart: An Analysis of the Book of Chinese Medicine Huangdi neijing suwen lingshu) Bachelor’s thesis, Department of History, Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, 2013, 137 pp.

      Research Projects

      2017 − 2021. Fudan University, China. Coordinator: Gao Xi 高晞.

      • 康熙《欽定格體全錄》譯本、抄(寫)本的收集整理與研究 (A Comprehensive Study of the Translations and Manuscripts of the Kangxi’s Qinding geti quanlü)

      2013 − 2014. Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil. Coordinator: Renata Palandri Sigolo.

      • A Prática da Acupuntura no HU/UFSC: Encontros e Desencontros de Duas Racionalidades Médicas (The Practice of Acupuncture in the University Hospital at UFSC: Meetings and Disagreements of Two Medical Rationalities).

      2011 − 2014. Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil. Coordinator: Renata Palandri Sigolo.

      • Plantas Medicinais e Cuidados com a Saúde: Escrevendo Várias Histórias (Medicinal Plants and Healthcare: Writing Various Stories).

      2010 − 2011. Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil. Coordinator: Renata Palandri Sigolo.

      • Cuidar de Si, Cuidar do Outro: A História da Saúde como Instrumento de Reflexão (Taking Care of Yourself, Taking Care of Others: History of Health as a Reflexive Instrument).

      2009 − 2014. Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil. Coordinator: Renata Palandri Sigolo.

      Planeta e Planète na Difusão do Movimento New Age e das Medicinas Alternativas (Alternative Worlds, Medical Alternatives: The Importance of the Planeta and Planète for the Diffusion of New Age Movements and Alternative Medicines).