Contemporary Chinese Documentary Series: Meet the Director

China in the Red

Asia/Hong_KongChina in the Red
    Asia/Hong_KongChina in the Red


      China in the Red


      March 8, 2005


      Wang Gungwu Lecture Theatre, Graduate House, No. 3 University Drive, The University of Hong Kong


      6:30 pmFilm screening
      8:30 pmDiscussion with Director Sue Williams


      (Tel) (852) 2241-5025

      About the Film

      China in the Red begins in 1998 with Premier Zhu Rongji’s announcement that China’s state-owned enterprises must become profitable within three years. Ten people are then profiled over the course of the years 1998 to 2001, as the country’s dramatic economic changes have a direct effect on their welfare and personal lives. The individuals illustrate a cross-section of Chinese society — employees at state-owned factories, the mayor of Shenyang in China’s industrial northeast, the owner of a thriving small business, a peasant in a small village, a successful Beijing entrepreneur — and both the unforeseen opportunities and social costs of economic reform. After the film, director Sue Williams will host a panel discussion with all present.


      Graduate House, The University of Hong Kong

      Hong Kong Institute for the Humanities and Social Sciences, The University of Hong Kong