Application for Admission to MPhil and PhD Studies, 2018-19 (Details)

Newsletter 2017 Fall Issue (Details)

Making Modernity in East Asia: Technologies of Everyday Life,
19th-21st Centuries (MMEA) (CRF MMEA Project) (Details)

Search for Tenure-track Associate Professor/Assistant Professor
    Deadline: 30 Jun 2018 (Details)

China Made: Asian Infrastructures and the ‘China Model’ of Development (Details)

Design Trust/RCA Fellowship in Design Curation 2018
    Deadline: 2 May 2018 (Details)

MMEA Lecture Series “The Invention and Reinvention of Local Food in Japan” by Prof. Eric C. Rath (Details)
Date: 7 May 2018
MMEA Sub-project Workshop “Food Technologies” (Hong Kong), Fieldwork and Meeting (Taiwan)
Date: 7-11 May 2018
MMEA Sub-project Workshop “Technological Innovations and Social Change: The History of Automation and the Future of Work in East Asia, 1960s–2010s” (at HKUST) (Details)
Date: 11 May 2018