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Newsletter 2017 Summer Issue (Details)

Course offering in 2017-2018 (Details)

Search of Postdoctoral Fellow for CRF Project (Details)

Calendar for the Academic Year 2017-18 (Details)

Making Modernity in East Asia: Technologies of Everyday Life,
19th-21st Centuries (CRF Project) (Details)

Search of Assistant Professor in Imperial History
    Deadline: 15 Nov 2017 (Details)

A Public Lecture on “A Russian Treaty Port on China’s Inner Asian Frontier? Colonial Vernyi as a ‘Plural Society’, 1854-1914” by Dr. Alexander Morrison (Details)
Date: 21 Sep 2017

Spirituality, Religion and Society Lecture Series “「邊緣人」的歷史與歷史書寫—以日本神戶華橋為例” Prof. Wang Ke (Poster)
(This is an event jointly organized by the “Rethinking Spirituality and Religion in Asia” Cluster and Department of Sociology.)
Date: 22 Sep 2017